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Meet Tertia

Ignite your potential

"You're very hard to control when you are healthy
You're very hard to manipulate when you're clear.
You're very hard to influence when you're sovereign.


Are you tired of feeling stuck? I help passionate individuals like you unlock their full potential, both in business and in health. As an integrative health and nutrition coach, identity coach, and business strategist, I take a holistic approach that empowers you to achieve your goals and live a truly fulfilling life.

Here's what sets me apart:

  • Integrative Health Coaching: We'll explore natural solutions to optimise your health and well-being, drawing on the wisdom of integrative nutrition and holistic practices.

  • Identity Coaching: We'll uncover your unique strengths and passions, building a roadmap to an authentic and aligned life.


  • Business Coaching: Whether you're a solopreneur or a large business, I'll guide you through digital transformation and strategic growth, driven by your client needs and creating a clear digital identity and new way of being for your business.

  • Corporate Wellness: I design and implement wellness programs to boost employee health, engagement, and productivity within your organisation


Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches that have left you yearning for more.

Let's get started on your journey to thriving!

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Introducing PureRepubliq

Start big. Start small. Start anywhere…change from within.

Unleash Your Inner Radiance: A Transformative Journey to Well-being and Success

The spark for change often flickers within. Whether you crave a complete overhaul or a gentle nudge in the right direction, I believe true transformation starts from the inside out, impacting both your personal well-being and your professional success.

My mission is to empower you to conquer the obstacles that dim your inner light, both personally and professionally. As a certified Health Coach, Identity Coach, and Business Strategist, I have a comprehensive toolkit to guide you on your journey to happiness, well-being, and achievement.

But I don't work in isolation. I draw from a rich tapestry of modalities, tailoring our approach to address your unique needs. We might explore mindfulness practices for inner peace and increased focus, delve into integrative nutrition for optimal health and energy, or utilize identity coaching to uncover your deepest desires and align them with your career aspirations. For business owners, I can guide you through digital transformation and strategic growth, empowering you to lead a thriving organisation.

And the support doesn't end there. PureRepubliq is a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners, offering additional services to complement your path.


Whether it's massage therapy to soothe your muscles or energy healing to balance your chi, or even corporate wellness programs to boost employee health and engagement, we can connect you with the resources that resonate with you.

Together, we'll create a personalized roadmap that prioritizes your well-being and success. We'll honour every aspect of your authentic self, fostering a well-rounded approach that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit while equipping you with the tools to thrive in your business endeavours.

Now is the time to awaken your inner potential. Embrace the transformative power of natural solutions, connect with a supportive community dedicated to your holistic growth, and unlock the radiant health, happiness, and business success within you – it all starts with nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

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