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Meet Tertia

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Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach (INHC)

I am a mother of four, still a girl at heart and still very much on my journey, trying to remember what my soul already knows.


Fundamentally I believe that good health and success are anchored in a balanced and joyful life, and our personal choices are almost entirely in our personal control - even though it doesn't always feel so.


My own journey to health, both physically, emotionally and mentally awakened my passion to help others navigate this journey. 

I am a certified trauma-informed Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in Hormonal, Gut, and Metabolic Health and certified in a variety of modalities that can help you deal with the effects of chronic or traumatic stress on your health.

My Vision

We are a society that wants a quick fix for every ill, but we are all bio-individual and our individual needs change as what is happening in our life changes.

When we respect this bio-individuality, work at finding balance in our lives, and then support that with good nutrition suited to us personally, a good, healthy + joyful life is in easy reach.

Given half a chance,

the body will heal itself by itself.

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