Meet Tertia

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Holistic Health Coach

I am a mother of four, still a girl at heart and still very much on my journey, trying to remember what my soul already knows.


Fundamentally I believe that good health and success is anchored in a balanced and joyful life, our personal choices and is almost entirely in our personal control.


My own journey to health, both physically, emotionally and mentally awakened my passion to help others navigate this journey. 

I am a health coach, Reiki Master + I am certified in a variety of modalities allowing me to support you in the unique way you require.

My Vision

We are a society that wants a quick fix for every ill, but we are all bio-individual and our individual needs change as what is happening in our life changes.

When we respect this bio-individuality, work at finding balance in our lives, and then support that with good nutrition suited to us personally, a good, healthy + joyful life is in easy reach.

Given half a chance,

the body will heal itself by itself.