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Anchor that habit!

It's March 17 - already - and we're almost through a quarter of the year without even blinking an eye.

At the start of the year, a friend and I each picked a word for the year. She chose "peace, " and instinctively, without much thought, I decided 'magnificent'.

Deep down, 2023 felt like a year that would deliver magnificence.

But I can honestly say that no one I have spoken to has felt magnificent this year. So I have been thinking about my word choice - and the word clarity and magnify have also been circling me.

So was my instinct wrong? the short term, I think not.

The Latin root word magn means "great." This root word originates from numerous English vocabulary words, including magnificent, magnitude, and magnanimous. An easy way to remember that magn means "great" is through the word magnifying glass, which makes something small "great" in size.

If 'magnify' is the process of making something small great - then the last 2.5 months have certainly been that...and today, I do feel again - that "MAGNIFICENCE" was a good choice.

One area that has been magnified for me is desires, manifestation, intention, action and habits and how to be very practical about it in my life.

I suck at taking supplements - I don't like taking them and always forget or postpone resulting in not taking them. However, I also want to be strong and healthy, with strong desires and motivations supporting that.

I have found supplements that are great and stand up to scrutiny, and my requirements for a good supplement, I feel so good when I do take them. I truly understand the importance of taking good supplements that support and do not harm our bodies due to the challenge of getting all our nutrients from food today. No brainer, right? Should it hence be easy to take them? Nope, I still sucked at it.

I needed more than just awareness and knowledge and the right product to establish this habit essential to fulfilling my desires and goals.

These two little bowls filled with my daily supplements have truly anchored the role of intention and action in receiving our desires and manifesting my dreams.

This is how I magnified one of my desires and used a 4 step process to establish a new habit in less than a month.


We often fail because we don't dig deep to find our true inspiration and motivation and set intentions driven by drivers and factors outside of ourselves.

I am not taking these supplements because food alone doesn't provide the nutrition needed.

I am not taking them because I want to have more energy

I am not taking them because I want to be healthy

I am not taking them because they worked for my friend, who is looking radiant...these are all true, but this is not what will make me relentless in building this habit and making this change.

My why is: I am turning 50 this year - my youngest is 8 years old. I want to be strong, healthy and energetic, have loads of fun, and be present in my children's lives. In 20 years, he will be 28, and I may or may not have grandchildren - I want to be a young, healthy grandmother that can still have fun and enjoy life with them. I want to travel the world still and have fun with my partner and friends, visiting exquisitely beautiful places and having incredible experiences.


Having intention in your head is hardly ever enough. You have to take that intention and anchor it into your daily life. So I asked: How do I make this process feel and look good?

I got this set of pretty bowls in my favourite colour - dark blue

They are on my desk where I spend time daily - and I cannot ignore them.

I fill each bowl with morning and afternoon supplements the night before or in the morning when I sit at my desk. My intention is set through planning and creating a visible reminder of that intention - that I cannot avoid or miss. Filling the bowls sets the intention that sets me up for taking the supplements and reminds me of my awareness of solidifying this habit constantly.


With steps 1 and 2 in place, the most challenging part - taking the supplements - is now so much easier - resistance is almost entirely erased, making this step almost effortless.


This dance with intention and action has transformed my consistency and awareness of this habit.

If I forget, the bowl with supplements creates awareness of routine, my resistance, my desires and goals and my commitment to myself - and helps me improve the process.

And the surprising bonus is that this one anchoring habit starts impacting my eating habits and other routines positively, including getting up and exercising, having breakfast and being more mindful of anything else that gets in the way of or supports keeping this habit solidly in place.

If I go on a trip and fall out of the habit, this process also helps me fall back into the practice much easier once I return to my daily routine.

By magnifying just one process and getting real about my intention and actions, I have anchored a habit that continues to create my magnificent life.

"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realising you are the author ~ Houlahan"

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